Customized control technology ...

...for all applications with electric heating technology

Multi-channel power controller THYPO

For controlling and switching resistive loads.


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Our temperature controllers are the key to your success

For over 60 years, Meusburger has been developing, manufacturing and selling temperature controllers, temperature control systems, power controllers, hot runner controllers and other electronic assemblies for a wide range of industries. Until the takeover by Meusburger in 2020, the products were sold under the company name PSG Plastic Service GmbH, known in particular in the plastics industry as a competent partner and technology leader for temperature control. PSG has always been known for setting technological standards and always being one step ahead.

We mainly supply standard solutions in which we integrate our customers’ requirements. The intelligence of the devices takes over a variety of control and monitoring functions. This allows parts of PLC systems to be replaced in a cost-optimized manner.

Because it is smarter to use the intelligence of the Meusburger controllers and exchange data with the controller via one of the many data interfaces than to develop and maintain your own solution on the control side.

Far-sighted and dynamic development

Our product developments are the result of an intensive exchange with our customers. We also involve them in the development phase so that updates are still possible at this stage. To find the optimum solution, we draw on our wealth of experience from many product developments and a large number of high-quality components. New trends in automation (fieldbuses, protocols, IIoT, ) are taken up and integrated into the products in a timely manner. Software tools for engineering and user interfaces for complex touch systems are developed in parallel with software development for the various microcontrollers.

During the development

  • design all products in 3D
  • create an EMC-compliant circuit design using state-of-the-art CAD systems
  • we comply with national and international guidelines and have all products certified by test laboratories
  • we pay attention to long-term availability when selecting all electronic components
  • we take into account the best possible service-friendliness in the software (including updateability)

Precise and reliable production

Nowadays, the demands on product quality are extremely high. That is why our production team consists of well-trained and experienced employees. All production steps (SMD assembly, solder wave, assembly of discrete components) are carried out in-house.

Various levels of testing and quality assurance ensure that only 100% tested assemblies are delivered to our customers.

And with far-sighted material planning and production planning, short-term requirements can be flexibly integrated and bottlenecks identified and resolved at an early stage.