Multi-channel temperature controller sysTEMP

The sysTEMP multi-channel temperature controllers guarantee maximum operational reliability and variable solutions.

Multi-channel temperature controller sysTEMP

One common platform - three variants

The common platform of sysTEMP guarantees consistency in configuration and parameterization as well as in connection via the available digital interfaces. Three design variants are available for optimum integration into the application.

Three body variants

Variant 1: sysTEMP ETR 132 (modular design)

  • Modular temperature controller
  • Up to 32 control zones – one basic and three extension units for 8 control zones each
  • Available in 3 versions (basic, NET and PNIO)

Variant 2: sysTEMP ETR 112 (single controller)

  • A complete temperature controller
  • Compact dimensions
  • 12 or 16 control zones (optionally 24 zones with external measurement inputs)
  • Additional digital and analog inputs and outputs integrated
  • Available in 3 versions (basic, NET and PNIO)

Variant 3: sysTEMP ETS 132 (decentralized setup)

  • Decentralized design
  • Various output modules via PSG-IO bus
  • Up to 32 control zones
  • Available in 2 versions (basic and NET)

Features / Function / Benefits


  • For use in
    • hot runner applications
    • machines for plastics processing
    • packaging machines
    • ovens
    • food processing
    • dryers, etc.
  • Modular design consisting of one basic unit and a maximum of three extension units
  • 8 measuring inputs per unit, 16 control outputs and 24 measurement inputs (8×3-phase) for heating current monitoring
  • Three alarm outputs and two digital inputs
  • Software update also via interfaces
  • Complete range of functions for a wide range of applications
  • Precise and fast control algorithms
  • All hot runner functions (start-up function, boost, actuator operation, etc.)
  • All hot runner functions (start-up function, boost, actuator operation, etc.). )
  • Automatic or manual temperature ramp function
  • Group functions for e.g. cascaded heating processes
  • Controller fully configurable using the WinKonVis engineering tool
  • Interfaces
    • RS485
    • CANopen
    • Profibus-DP


  • High-resolution, digital processing of the signals at the measurement inputs with short sampling time
  • Calculation of the control variable in modern microprocessor unit
  • Output of the control variable with intelligent pulse group distribution at control outputs
  • Not noticeable to the user, fully automatic adaptation (identification phase) of the controller to the control zone in the heating phase
  • Automatic cooling adaptation
  • Monitoring of the control zones (sensors, temperatures, heating currents, etc.) and alarm output via the ) and alarm output via the three configurable alarm outputs
  • Heating current monitoring
  • Complex alarm and monitoring functions (e.g. automatic or manual sensor short-circuit monitoring)
  • Data exchange via interfaces


  • Very good price/performance ratio thanks to modular design
  • Flexibility thanks to a wide range of functions
  • Optimal product quality and a low reject rate thanks to high control quality and intelligent control zone monitoring
  • High system reliability thanks to seamless process monitoring
  • Installation-friendly system design
  • Expandable thanks to a wide range of peripheral components

Data interfaces

All three variants of the sysTEMP controller are available in three versions that differ in terms of the integrated data interfaces.